Complete interactive
communication on Messenger

The platform comes together with a Messenger based intelligent chatbot which talks to the candidates 24/7 and collects their data. It acts as their personal Career Adviser and can take up a conversation any time of the day. Even when you, the recruiter, is offline.

Import your job listings with just one click

No need to fill in any forms, write job descriptions nor promote your job ads. With just one click, all your job listings will appear on the platform and have candidates matched to them.

Intelligent and data-driven decision making

You no longer have to worry about selecting right candidates. The platform analyses thousands of job descriptions and candidates' profiles every day to provide you with the best matched applications.

Invite with just one swipe

Forget about e-mails and phone calls. Now you can invite matching candidates to the interview with just one click.

It is GDPR compliant

The platform complies with GDPR legislation, so you don't have to worry about data collection regulations and data protection. It's safe with Emplocity.

Powerful people analytics

Thanks to an advanced algorithm and platform's ability to process enormous amount of data, you can access complex reports to know where your top candidates come from, and many more.


Source candidates automatically and have them matched with your job listings. It's all done 24/7.


Manage all matches on an intuitive platform. Send interview invitations with just one swipe.


Find out where your top candidates come from, what are their salary expectations and many more.