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Intelligent automation from Emplocity

Our advanced automation solutions are designed to be simple and effective for our customers

About Emplocity

We are a technology company that creates conversational automation solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to solve key problems across multiple business functions, increasing employee effectiveness (employee) and enabling dynamic business growth (velocity).Our belief is that the key to success in the digital transformation of businesses is to provide the right, easy-to-use tools that enable companies to deliver business benefits without costly and risky implementations.

We have an exceptional team that creates advanced technology in a way that makes automation simple for our customers. A team of more than 30 experienced employees with unique competences, the support of world-class scientists and cooperation with the academic environment allow us to invest in research and technology development and create world-class solutions, often ahead of global competition.

Notices to Shareholders

Emplocity Platform™
- our flagship project

Our team has built a platform equipped with original AI/ML solutions to deliver domain solutions that address specific customer needs and challenges.

We have ready-made off-the-shelf products that can be configured for specific customer needs and provide easy implementation and use. Using built-in, configurable blocks, you can develop your own solution that combines a range of functionalities in an integrated way.

Virtual Assistant

This is a Virtual Assistant feature that interacts with the user and provides answers in a natural, human-like way.

Platform for process automation

A platform feature for process automation that performs specific actions 24/7, in collaboration with other systems - with no or minimal human operator involvement.

Knowledge base

A knowledge base feature that enables the automation of recurring queries ensures the efficient flow of information and supports knowledge sharing within the company.

All this is done within an easy-to-use chat interface that users are already familiar with and use every day.

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

Emplocity's strategy and development path

Our vision is to support our customers’ businesses through intelligent automation.


August 2017

We created Poland's first AI-enabled chatbot to support companies in recruiting candidates. In March 2018, we conducted the first B2B implementation of our solution, which is currently used by the largest Polish and international companies.


Year 2019

A near threefold increase in revenue was the final result, winning further significant enterprise class customers. We entered 2020 with a vision of further growth in the scientific field thanks to the funding of another R&D project for 2020-2022.



The company is constantly developing, improving technology and creating products that meet the needs of Polish and international companies. Our intelligent chatbots are used in recruitment, communication and customer service. We target both large organisations and companies in the SME sector.

The right time to invest

Intelligent automation is one of the fastest growing technologies for business.

Companies are increasingly investing in intelligent automation which includes artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA). The intelligent automation market is estimated to reach $232 billion by 2025 - up from $12.4 billion in 2018.

The potential of automation lies in the use of an increasing range of technologies, tools and techniques.

Shareholders’ structure Shareholders’ structure before the issue (number of shares/votes)

Krzysztof Sobczak
Enprom HVC Sp.Zo.o.
Michał Chrzanowski
Arkadiusz Talun
Leonarto VC Spółka z o.o. ASI Sp. k
Michał Chrzanowski

“Every company will have to be a digital-first company, or they will be out of business”

Cliff Justice, KPMG Partner
Challenges of digitisation and remote working

We are on the verge of a technological breakthrough, process automation and the use of AI are accelerating. COVID-related changes (remote working, downsizing) definitely reinforce this trend.

Information overload

Communication is increasingly digital and information is sent as unstructured text. The amount of data generated by organisations is growing exponentially (90% of global data was created during the last 2 years, 80% of which is unstructured).

Improving communication

Employees need the tools to grasp the plethora of information. Remote working poses additional challenges, and the effective exchange of information between employees but also customers and partners is key to maintaining (and increasing) productivity.

A well-thought-out strategy

A strategic approach to automation allows an ROI of 5-10x (KPMG), but implementing this type of solution requires acquiring the right competences.

Need for ready-made solutions

The main barriers to implementing AI solutions are lack of experience, talent shortage, risks associated with new technologies and the need to hire (expensive) specialists. Recent breakthroughs in AI (transformer models with attentional and transfer learning) offer hope for automating this process.

Technology from Emplocity

The engine created by Emplocity allows for quick creation of advanced Virtual Assistant class solutions available as off-the-shelf products (without the need for costly implementations and development of the company's own RPA teams).

Why Emplocity?

Technology validated with numerous corporate customers

A number of implementations in the PoC and post-PoC phase at numerous Polish and international customers confirm the potential of the solutions.

In-house know-how technology

Original AI/ML solutions and an autonomous planner to deliver domain solutions.

Diversified sources of income

Extensive opportunities to commercialise technology, both through in-house products and licensing.

Effectiveness in raising funds for R+D

Nearly 15 million PLN was obtained from grant programmes, not diluting shareholders but generating value for the Company.

Unique competence and experience of the team

A world-class interdisciplinary team dedicated to AI/ML research and its implementation into business solutions.

Management board

Krzysztof Sobczak


CEO, responsible for business development and growth strategy of the company. He combines business knowledge with technical competence. Among other places, he graduated from: BEng (Hons) of the EEE department at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and Nanyang University in Singapore. Kent Institute of Business and Technology w Sydney graduate.

Arkadiusz Talun


CTO, responsible for the company's technology division. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (faculty: Quantitative Methods, major: Business IT) and Postgraduate Studies in Management Information Systems, also under the auspices of the Warsaw School of Economics. Former BIG4 consultant and designer of information systems for the financial industry.


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