We are a team of passionate people who derive great satisfaction from their work.

Our team is a close-knit, energetic one consisting of people who understand, like and support each other. On a daily basis we design and develop digital products and advanced IT systems using machine learning and deep neural networks, and after work we pursue our passions!

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Data Science

We are involved in the creation of artificial intelligence algorithms that drive our products. This is where the ‘intelligence’ of our chatbots and recommendation systems emerges.


Users receive a user-friendly application interface created by us. We make sure that communication between the user and the system is simple and reliable. It is important for us to have a positive user experience when using the application.


We deal with system architecture, implementation of new functionalities and repair of any errors in system operation. The stability and reliability of the infrastructure on which our applications run is taken care of.

Product and UX

We tell the brand story by crafting creations and experiences that convert to business goals. We take care of all forms of communication. Apparently our customers have no complaints and ‘Super cool’ is one of the phrases they repeat most often. We believe in the power of good relationships.

Sales and marketing

We carry out marketing and sales activities aimed at promoting the company and our services, using the latest tools and technologies. We are responsible for the entire process of working with customers, from the first phone call or email to effective after-sales service.

Management Board

Our responsibility extends from the first telephone call or email to effective after-sales service. We watch over the dynamic and efficient development of our products. Our focus is on good relations with our business partners and investors.


We coordinate all activities related to operating a business. We take care of the circulation of information and documents. It is our responsibility to account for costs and sales and projects of the National Centre for Research and Development.

Number of grants awarded

value of R&D projects


Scientific publications

in the fields of ML, NLP, AI



PhD or higher


We love animals
We love animals

We love animals, both large and small. If you feel like coming with your pet to the office or showing it at a videoconference then you are welcome!

We have our passions
We have our passions

running, climbing, travelling the world, riding bikes at night, brewing beer, baking bread, recharging our batteries to conquer the AI market together.


Ideally we would like to meet every Friday, but we work in different cities. That is why we regularly organise online beer, games, and sometimes a trip to the mountains or kayaking :)

Doughnuts are our love
Doughnuts are our love

not only on Fat Thursday! The question ‘What's for lunch?’ is already asked at 10am. Whenever possible, we eat together. If not, we recommend each other food trucks, restaurants, exchange recipes.

Remote working
Remote working

from anywhere in Poland or in the world. Every morning we all call together for a 10-minute Stand Up and then communicate on current projects.

or from a nice office
or from a nice office

we have a cosy, comfortable office in the centre of Warsaw, 5 minutes from the Central Railway Station. Each of our employees decides for themselves whether they work from the office or from home.






Shared goal

Ta strona korzysta z ciasteczek opartych na sztucznej inteligencji, aby zapewnić najlepsze doświadczenia zapoznaj sie z Ciasteczkową polityką