Sourcing simplified

Automated candidate sourcing 24/7

Our chatbot collects relevant information from your website visitors, eg. professional experience, skill set, languages and salary expectations. This data is then processed and matched to your job postings.

Use the power of Messenger

Our chatbot is built on the most popular communications platform - Messenger. It's only one click away from your potential candidates.

Try Emplobot

Simple implementation

Start using your chatbot in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. All your existing job postings are already on the platform. So you can relax and enjoy your coffee.

Just swipe to invite

Candidates who meet your criteria are displayed on the preselection platform. Want to arrange an interview? Swipe right to invite.

These companies love Emplocity

Success stories

Budimex was the first company on the Polish market to implement Emplobot. The cooperation of our companies went to the final of the Digital Communication Awards 2018.