Create your own bot to automate processes in any area

Technology that will allow you to create
your own bot.

The platform we created, using our original AI/ML solutions, can be used to build a variety of domain bots that automate selected processes and respond to specific customer needs and challenges - wherever it is crucial to understand users' natural language, recognise their intentions, give them instant answers 24/7, recommend specific items, and perform the actions they have requested.

Virtual Assistant

This is a Virtual Assistant feature that interacts with the user and provides answers in a natural, human-like way.

Platform for process automation

A platform feature for process automation that performs specific actions 24/7, in collaboration with other systems - with no or minimal human operator involvement.

Knowledge base

A knowledge base feature that enables the automation of recurring queries ensures the efficient flow of information and supports knowledge sharing within the company.

There are many possibilities

The Emplocity platform allows you to create chatbots according to your needs and expectations. Build your chatbot from ready-made components and predefined tasks or create your own unique solutions. Use a chatbot to automate communication and tasks in any area, be it typical business matters (sales, customer service, recruitment), entertainment, education or social.

Tailored action blocks


It takes your company's internal communication to the next level.

  • Q&A
  • Onboarding
  • Integrations
  • Alerts
  • Automation
  • Tailored action blocks

Q&A bot

It answers the company's customers' questions automatically, quickly, 24/7.

  • NPS
  • Onboarding
  • Integrations
  • Alerts
  • Automation
  • Q&A
  • Crawlers


It builds a positive experience for job candidates by supporting the recruitment process and communication.

  • Integrations
  • Q&A
  • Crawlers
  • NPS


It automates the provision of legal advice, preparation of documentation and substantive support.


    It manages the application processes, sends the necessary documents, provides information and instructions to applicants.

      Therapeutic bot

      It supports bot users in recognising psychological disorders and recommends seeking professional help.

        SlackMessengerAppWhatsAppMicrosoft Teams
        Common automation and AI platform

        It's up to you how you use the chatbot's potential.

        Tell us about your needs. Together we will consider how our know-how can be used in your company or organisation.

        Implementation easier than you think.


        Define a measurable goal and scope for automation.

        Start by setting goals and key performance indicators for the solution - so that it meets the individual needs of your business and solves real problems for your employees.


        Configure your own solution.

        Use Emplocity's ready-made, customisable products or build your own virtual assistant based on our prepared action blocks and predefined conversation scenarios.


        Run, measure and optimise your chatbot.

        Provide the chatbot to your employees, customers, suppliers, candidates to build positive user experiences and streamline processes within your organisation.

        Choose a convenient model of cooperation:


        Developed with the cloud in mind
        • Lower cost and shorter commissioning time
        • Online access from anywhere
        • Monthly subscription - no additional maintenance costs
        • Integration with customer resources (API)
        • A system leased from Emplocity
        • Customised configuration
        • Security issues on the Emplocity side
        • Testing
        • Cloud

        On Premise

        How about your own architecture?
        • Higher start-up costs and longer implementation time
        • Licence fee - Infrastructure maintenance and development costs
        • Integration with customer resources (API)
        • Full control over company infrastructure
        • More responsibility on the customer side
        • Customised configuration
        • Offline access possible
        • Customer infrastructure
        • Testing

        Do you want to launch a bot under your own brand? Take advantage of the White Label option.

        Use tested, effective solutions to make it fully accessible
        a branded chatbot under your logo, name and colour scheme.

        Expand your service portfolio with an intelligent chatbot, build positive user experiences and achieve your business goals. By offering a solution under your own brand, you will create an image of a professional. Your customer will associate the solution you choose with your organisation, not its creator. You will build a consistent business communication model. You will benefit from our know-how, avoiding the risks of errors and mistakes that could arise when creating your own tool from scratch.

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