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Build a positive experience for future employees from the very first contact.

What is Emplobot?

It is our original software that consists of three interacting modules, allowing you to guide candidates through the entire recruitment process, from the first contact to the interview. This will enable you to save human resources, time and money in your organisation.

Q&A module

Automates the process of answering the most common questions and concerns of people interested in working for your company. Using a predefined knowledge base, it is able to answer questions on any topic, e.g.: benefits, recruitment stages, how to apply and recommend the candidate for a job in your company. This makes it ideally suited to Employer Branding strategies of companies that care about openness and building a positive candidate experience.

Recruitment module

It acts as an automatic recruiter and guide for your future employees. During a few minutes of conversation with a candidate, Emplobot asks a series of questions and on the basis of the information obtained in this way creates an individual profile of the candidate, which is then matched with your current job offers. If the candidate meets the requirements of a given recruitment process, he/she is invited to a further stage. The pre-selection and candidate matching process takes literally seconds.

Control panel

It provides the ability to manage recruitment, the candidate database and Emplobot functionalities in a convenient and transparent way. From the Panel, the recruiter is able to introduce changes and modifications to his/her product, and thanks to the available statistics, he/she can conveniently monitor its performance and, if necessary, make updates e.g. to the content of the conversation, widget appearance, integration with the website.

What does Emplobot offer?

Speed and economy

Automating the recruitment and communication process saves recruiters and candidates significant time.

Comfort and trust

All relevant company information is gathered in one verified place accessible to the candidate from the chat window.

Matching candidates

By being able to ask questions freely, candidates apply more knowledgeably and are better matched.

Employer Branding

The use of modern technology shows the organisation as open, innovative and transparent.

Technological advantage

Chatbot technology is developing rapidly. Early implementation guarantees the company a technological edge in the future.

Unleashing the potential

Automating processes allows you to unleash the potential of your employees for more interesting, creative tasks.

5 simple steps to full automation.

Position Emplobot where your candidates are

  1. Define the interview process and the scope of the knowledge base

The first step is to prepare content that meets the current needs of the organisation. For the recruitment module, this will be the range of questions asked to candidates by the bot as part of the pre-interview. For the Q&A module, the range of knowledge that the chatbot will have when answering questions from candidates.

  1. Position Emplobot where your candidates are

Define where you want your Emplobot to be located. Social media, a career page widget, QR codes and links in posts or ads are just examples of possible promotional directions. It's up to you to decide where and how you introduce Emplobot to your candidates.

  1. Select your candidate contact channel

Currently, the most popular way for candidates to contact Emplobot is through a dedicated website or Messenger app. Our approach always strives to be flexible and responsive to our clients' needs by adding new communication possibilities. If you are interested in another contact channel, please tell us about it.

  1. Attract candidates and answer their questions using Emplobot's capabilities

Emplobot allows you to recruit employees through conversation by facilitating the pre-interview and pre-selection of applications. At the same time it answers dozens of repetitive questions saving you time. This ensures that you get candidates who are informed and well matched to your vacancies, without allocating significant financial and human resources.

  1. Monitor and improve processes using the administration panel

This panel allows you to make changes to the predefined knowledge base, adding new entries and changing existing ones. Using it, we can also monitor the flow of candidates in our current recruitments, see how the bot rated them and which recruitments they were matched to. The statistics tab will allow you to monitor the chatbot's performance.

Find out how Emplobot can improve communication and processes in your company?

We treat the needs of each company individually.

Emplobot in figures

3.5 minutes

is the average duration of a recruitment interview with Emplobot.

9 questions

is the average number of questions asked by each Candidate through the Q&A module.

300 recruitments

is the current record for the number of simultaneously handled recruitment processes for a single client.

40% increase

in the effectiveness of the Career tab after posting the chatbot widget.

180 invitations

on average per day are sent by Emplobot to matched candidates.

NPS 8.7

candidates rate Emplobot as an efficient and convenient application tool.

Easy and quick implementation

Enjoy the full functionality of Emplobot in just 2 weeks!


Ready-to-use scenarios

Based on our experience, we have developed ready-to-use interview scenarios. This will significantly speed up the implementation process. A ready-made database of questions and scenarios will also be helpful in creating your own variants of recruitment interviews.


Openness to candidates

The ability to place Emplobot in multiple channels will allow you to reach more candidates. Decide for yourself which sources you want to use. Choose a contact channel that is convenient for your candidates: Messenger, website or other popular messaging services.


Recruitment and Q&A

Combining the recruitment module for candidates along with the ability to conveniently ask questions was a natural direction for us. In this way, a single product, Emplobot, was created to automate all communication with candidates.

Integrations with ATS

All data in one place.


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