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Streamline internal communication with intelligent automation.

Automate processes. Increase efficiency.

Unleash the potential.

Take your company's internal communication to the next level.

Answering employees' questions and performing simple tasks for them has never been easier. With the Knowledge Base of your company and the necessary system integration, Intrabot is an effective tool to make work easier and save time.

Benefits of Intrabot

Convenient chat communication

thanks to natural conversation conducted in channels your employee knows very well (e.g.: company communicator, web chat, SMS).

Increased employee efficiency

now, up to 80% of simple and repetitive tasks are carried out by a chatbot, truly easing the burden on your employees.

Process automation, not only in HR

Streamline processes and information flow across departments and teams, using Intrabot where you need it.

Organising company information

Intrabot will organise all internal data about your company in the form of a Knowledge Base accessible to employees in the chatbot.

Satisfaction of your employees

24/7 availability, from anywhere and from any device, or getting information in a few seconds constitute real support for employees.

Analysis of themes and trends

analyse topics important to employees based on concrete figures! Know needs and solve problems before they arise.

How does Intrabot work?

You make Intrabot available to your employees in a convenient and accessible way.

Intrabot answers their questions and performs the assigned tasks.

It draws its knowledge from previously prepared knowledge bases and system integration.

Knowledge Base

Intrabot provides answers to employees' questions based on a predefined Knowledge Base - based on materials, instructions, sets of popular issues.

Integration with systems

It can also integrate with your company's internal systems to give the employee a personalised response. Possible synchronisations: HRMS, HRIS, LMS, HCM, CRM, ERP, calendar, intranet.


There is more! Based on an intelligent planner, Intrabot can execute actions defined by the employee, ensure the circulation of documents, record notes, reserve rooms.

Find out how Intrabot can improve communication and processes in your company!

In which areas will you use Intrabot?

Intrabot works well across departments and teams - wherever your employees are dealing with simple and repetitive, yet time-consuming tasks.


FAQ’a, internal recruitment, onboarding, surveys


booking of overnight stays, general company information, settlement of business trips, availability of rooms


sales results, customer data, statistics, calendar of meetings

Personnel and payroll

leaves, wages, labour law, circulation of documents

IT Helpdesk

failures, procurement of equipment, access to systems, problems with passwords

Your area

Create an Intrabot to meet the needs of your business in your chosen areas.

Only 3 steps separate you from automating your internal communication!

Implementing Intrabot is easier than you think!


Chatbot specifications

We start the implementation with a detailed discussion of your expectations and defining the scope of Intrabot operation (functions, activities, tasks it is supposed to improve). We determine the composition of the project team, the resources of the Knowledge Base and the division of tasks. We also determine what the personality (character) of your Intrabot will be. The more you tell us about your needs, the better the tool we will design.


Configuration and personalisation

This is the stage of intensive work during which we prepare and personalise your chatbot in the Emplocity Platform. We use ready-made solutions, but we also create new mechanisms, unique to your organisation. We coordinate the building of the Knowledge Base and, if necessary, integrate with your internal systems (CRM, ERP, intranet, etc.) to enable the chatbot to perform actions.


Testing and launch of the service

Your Intrabot is ready! Now it's time for testing, where we'll work with you to check the naturalness of dialogue, the interpretation of questions, the evaluation of intentions and the correctness of system integration. We will then train your employees on how to use the Administration Panel, plan the communication of the implementation and promote Intrabot in your organisation.

Intrabot in figures

Over 80%

accuracy in answering questions and tasks from your employees

75 hours

per month will be saved by the employees of a team supported by a chatbot

Up to 170

questions and tasks will be completed by Intrabot for your company within one day

3 months

are enough to get a return on investment (ROI)

90% faster

response to a question or task requested by an employee

NPS 8.7

Employees value Intrabot for its 24/7 availability and quick response time

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