Generate sales using a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence.

Talk to your customers wisely, so that you can sell more!

Let an intelligent chatbot work on your sales results 24/7.

Achieve more using a conversation interface based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in your operations. Use the customer data you already collect in your sales and marketing systems. The Emplocity platform gives you the opportunity to create your own chatbot which, constantly trained on your data, will unattended increase the scope of its capabilities.

It works! An intelligent sales chatbot helps because:

  • It can identify customers needs
  • It understands natural language
  • It enables measuring and optimisation
  • It knows the offer and recommends products
  • It uses customer data
  • It keeps the context of the speech
  • It works in real time
  • It performs multiple operations simultaneously

See proposed sales scenarios:


Automatic generation of sales and marketing leads

Support your sales campaigns with a bot that communicates with customers based on the information collected about them.


Answering customer questions automatically in the sales funnel

Increase conversions to sales with human-like customer conversation support.


Handling recurring orders from partners, manufacturers, suppliers

Automate sales while reducing staff costs by integrating a chatbot with your customer and partner database.

Go beyond simple questions and answers.

Use a chatbot based on the Emplocity Platform


Define a measurable goal and data scope.

The effective operation of a chatbot depends on good planning and the preparation of a sufficient number of small, measurable goals. It is on the basis of their implementation that efficient learning of artificial intelligence will be possible.


Create conversation scenarios.

Thanks to the structural blocks we have prepared, you will be able to build chatbot scenarios quickly and efficiently. You will use trained databases or create your own.


Run, measure and optimise your bot.

Add the chatbot to its destination. Whether it's a landing page, an entire website or a selected tab, you have popular solutions that we integrate with.

Are you interested in the possibilities of using an intelligent chatbot in other fields?

Choose a solution for:

or create a different domain bot!

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

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