Artificial intelligence

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence algorithms to automate key enterprise operations.

Artificial intelligence in Emplocity solutions.

Our solutions are equipped with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. They use the latest developments in Deep Neural Networks. This allows for the analysis and processing of large data sets (including unstructured data), enables the generation of training data in an automated manner, and enables the model to be continuously trained and supplemented with new data. Such advanced mechanisms make it possible to implement even complex automation processes, while guaranteeing faster implementation of solutions, significant reduction of automation costs and ensuring very high model quality and precision.

Learn about the artificial intelligence technologies that our solutions are equipped with.

NLP - Natural Language Processing

The use of complex computational models makes it possible to understand user statements in natural language, but also to identify the sentiment of the statements, to clean and classify the acquired data and to extract specific objects from the text.

Building predictive models

The use of machine learning models makes it possible to predict user behaviour and intentions, search for anomalies or group and cluster data. It also means that the accuracy of the answer to a question posed to a trained system can reach around 85%.

Processing of large amounts of data

Deep transformer networks with multi-task learning provide fast processing of large amounts of data on computational clusters, including unstructured data. They enable automatic annotation of text sets and building of training corpora.

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms allow the system to automate the process of learning new content, creating a self-learning database of questions and answers that becomes more precise as the queries increase.

Deep learning

Building computational models using Deep Neural Networks, especially transformer-type networks with multi-task learning, allows automating the process of data acquisition, data annotation and model updating, and thus faster implementation of automation solutions.

Reinforcement learning

Artificial intelligence algorithms using deep neural network learning with reinforcement allow a neural network to learn with a relatively small number of user inputs.

Conversational engine

The use of artificial neural networks enabled us to build a conversational engine that underpins the conversational interfaces we create, which customers use to automate selected processes.

Recommendation engine

The deep learning with transfer used in our recommendation engine makes it possible to match one object to another based on the characteristics that define it - not necessarily expressed explicitly, but derived from content analysis.

Image analysis and generation

Deep neural network learning, including generative adversarial networks and recurrent networks enable automatic analysis and image generation, which can be used for example in creating and optimising advertising campaigns.

Benefits of using solutions based on artificial intelligence


Increase the flexibility and precision of your solution by being able to automatically retrain the system with new data not included in the training corpus.


The ability to implement automation in a relatively fast way thanks to a unique mechanism for generating and processing training data based on raw data sets.


Building a positive user experience using an innovative conversational interface that recognises the intent of user queries expressed in natural language.


Increase employee efficiency by equipping them with AI tools - so they can focus on more intricate, unique tasks that add more value to the business.


Reduce the cost and therefore the risk of implementing automation solutions by using innovative and advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence.


Building a positive image of a company basing its solutions on innovation, initiating changes and indicating the direction of development within its business sector.


Define a measurable goal and scope for automation.

Start by setting goals and key performance indicators for the solution - so that it meets the individual needs of your business and solves real problems for your employees.


Configure your own solution.

Use Emplocity's ready-made, customisable products or build your own virtual assistant based on our prepared action blocks and predefined conversation scenarios.


Run, measure and optimise your chatbot.

Provide the chatbot to your employees, customers, suppliers, candidates to build positive user experiences and streamline processes within your organisation.

Learn about other technology solutions that will allow your business to implement automation easily and effectively.

Tell us about your needs.

Together we will consider how our know-how can be used in your company.

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