Intelligent Automation

Increase the efficiency of your business by automating selected processes.

How does Intelligent Automation work?

Intelligent automation combines robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, allowing companies to maximise the benefits of digital transformation. Emplocity is targeting hyper-automation including RPA, AI, but also virtual assistant functionality and advanced cognitive tools - all within the Emplocity Platform, which enables companies to deploy their own automation solutions in an easy, fast, non-coding way.

AI Planner

This is an autonomous artificial intelligence behaviour planner that is a key element of automation in the Emplocity Platform.

It demonstrates autonomous action - it is able to plan tasks, make decisions and optimise its actions, leading the conversation to ensure that the user achieves their goal.

Reading the user's intentions

in the form of a code provided by a conversational engine that understands human speech and the commands given to it by the user using a conversational interface.

Execution of actions

both predefined and not predefined - they were created by the user during the conversation.

Integration with systems

external systems and applications used by the customer through the API in order to provide the user with a personalised response.

Recognising user preferences

through the use of hierarchical goal networks (HTNs) in the HGN variant, thus providing scalable learning of the user preference algorithm.

Communication with the knowledge base

to find the answer to the user's question, and if there is no answer, it classifies the query and sends it to the person responsible for that area, enabling automated expansion of the knowledge base.

Pursuit of the user's goal

in the form of answering a question, sending the required document, redirecting to the right person - all in the form of a natural conversation with the user in a chat window.

Check out the areas we automate:


  • answering questions from candidates
  • preselection of candidates
  • employer branding
  • onboarding of employees

HR and Payroll

  • communication with employees
  • salaries, payslips
  • benefits, training
  • employee surveys


  • booking of rooms, meeting dates
  • internal communication
  • document flow
  • automation of purchasing processes


  • helpdesk
  • first-line support
  • user onboarding
  • support in the use of applications

Customer Service

  • FAQ
  • complaints management
  • management order processing
  • loyalty campaigns

Sales and Marketing

  • generation of sales leads
  • personalised communication with customers
  • recommendation of products and services
  • multi-channel marketing

Define a goal and scope for automation.

Start by setting goals and key performance indicators for the solution - so that it meets the individual needs of your business and solves real problems for your employees.


Configure your own solution effortless.

Use Emplocity's ready-made, customisable products or build your own virtual assistant based on our prepared action blocks and predefined conversation scenarios.


Run, measure and optimise your chatbot.

Provide the chatbot to your employees, customers, suppliers, candidates to build positive user experiences and streamline processes within your organisation.

Learn about other technology solutions that will allow your business to implement automation easily and effectively.

Tell us about your needs.

Together we will consider how our know-how can be used in your company.

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