Conversational interface

Benefit from a simple, universal user interface for all automated business operations.

How does our conversational interface work?

Our user interface, equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms, enables the user to communicate with the system in a natural and intuitive way, akin to interacting with another human being. Thus, the user does not need to learn how to use it - they only need to ask a question in the chat window using natural language and quickly receive an answer in the form of text or a document. It does not require the user to install additional software on the device. It can be integrated with external platforms, namely messaging services (Messenger, Slack, Ms Teams, Whatsapp) or function as a dedicated web/mobile application.

The conversation interface from Emplocity combines convenience and ease of use with the ability to automate advanced processes.

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

Growing popularity of conversational interfaces


More than half of users prefer text-based communication channels because of the convenience of use.


Most internet users prefer to direct queries to companies via a chatbot rather than by phone or email.


Almost half of users used a chatbot to learn about a company's offer or to report an error/failure.

Build positive user experiences with a chatbot - a simple and convenient conversational interface..


Multi-channel communication using a single tool that the user knows very well - from any device (computer, phone, tablet), 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Quick access to information here and now, without having to search through unstructured resources or wait for an answer. The average wait time for a chatbot response is only 3 seconds.


The neutral nature of the conversation encourages the user to ask questions, without fear of being judged they can ask about any issue several times.


Convenient and intuitive form of communication - in the form of a conversation with a chatbot that understands the natural language of speech, if necessary confirms the context and quality of the answer given. Allows access to information from a single tool.


The ability to personalise the user experience in the form of personalised recommendations, answering personalised queries to create a more personal atmosphere and resulting in a better UX (User Experience).


The information provided by the chatbot is reliable and up-to-date, thanks to the integration with the company's internal systems. If the chatbot does not know the answer to a question it will inform you and then pass it on to the appropriate person within the organisation.


Define a measurable goal and scope for automation.

Start by setting goals and key performance indicators for the solution - so that it meets the individual needs of your business and solves real problems for your employees.


Configure your own solution.

Use Emplocity's ready-made, customisable products or build your own virtual assistant based on our prepared action blocks and predefined conversation scenarios.


Run, measure and optimise your chatbot.

Provide the chatbot to your employees, customers, suppliers, candidates to build positive user experiences and streamline processes within your organisation.

Learn about other technology solutions that will allow your business to implement automation easily and effectively.

Tell us about your needs.

Together we will consider how our know-how can be used in your company.

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