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Emplocity™ Platform

Build your own automation solution based on ready-made action blocks and call scenarios.

How does the Emplocity Platform work?

The Emplocity Platform is original software that enables companies to create domain bots and implement process automation across different areas and industries, without the need for lengthy implementations. These solutions are based on understanding user statements, recognising intentions, exchanging knowledge and performing automated actions.

Advanced technology that makes automation easy and accessible for everyone.

Built-in conversation Interface

It allows users to use the system in a form of a natural conversation with a virtual assistant, without having to install or be trained in additional software.

Original NLP engine

It reads the user's statements and preferences in a mechanical way. It conducts the conversation in a natural way to ensure that the user's objective is met.

AI planner

It enables you to start and manage automated processes via chat. It can plan tasks, make decisions and carry out actions ordered by the user.

Different communication channels

Users can use the chatbot in various types of messaging services (e.g. Messenger, Slack, Ms Teams) or a dedicated web/mobile application.

Artificial intelligence algorithms

Reinforcement learning algorithms allow a neural network to be trained with a relatively small number of user inputs.

Automatic data analysis

State-of-the-art solutions, i.e. attention transformer networks, dynamic programming, data tagging tools, allow the use of both structured and unstructured datasets.


Solutions developed on the basis of the Emplocity Platform allow for integration with other systems, which makes it possible to respond automatically to personalized enquiries.

A platform for knowledge sharing

The models we have created can provide answers based on previously recorded resources, but also by reading directly from raw text. They are also able to gain new knowledge from questions from users.

Built-in recommendation engine

Fully customisable and agnostic, it can match one object to another based on the characteristics that define it and allows specific elements to be prompted to the user.

Benefits for your company

Easy, quick implementation

The possibility of using ready-made solutions in the SaaS model or creating your own on the basis of predefined, trained blocks - without costly and time-consuming implementations, complicated configuration on the customer's infrastructure or lengthy training.

Low project risk

Easy implementation of automation solutions enables business benefits from day zero, shortens the payback expectation and thus lowers the entry threshold for automation in companies - both in the enterprise and SME sectors.

Convenience of use

Building a positive user experience by giving users a tool with a convenient conversation interface that responds quickly, is available 24/7 and can process natural language, reminiscent of interacting with another human being.

Savings and productivity gains

Automation of key business operations and streamlining the flow of information allow you to reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, lower the cost of operating processes, increase the quality and productivity of work, ensuring an increase in the operational capacity of the company.

Unleashing the potential of employees

The increased efficiency of employees equipped with artificial intelligence technologies frees them from performing repetitive tasks and enables them to develop and focus on activities that add more value to the company.


Define a measurable goal and scope for automation.

Start by setting goals and key performance indicators for the solution - so that it meets the individual needs of your business and solves real problems for your employees.


Configure your own solution.

Use Emplocity's ready-made, customisable products or build your own virtual assistant based on our prepared action blocks and predefined conversation scenarios.


Run, measure and optimise your chatbot.

Provide the chatbot to your employees, customers, suppliers, candidates to build positive user experiences and streamline processes within your organisation.

Learn about other technology solutions that will allow your business to implement automation easily and effectively.

Tell us about your needs.

Together we will consider how our know-how can be used in your company.

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