Why Emplocity?

Our vision is to create bots that perform even complex tasks in a way that is accessible and easy to implement for everyone.

We built the Emplocity Platform

We believe that every company can achieve its business goals faster and more efficiently through intelligent automation. Our team has built the Emplocity Platform using original AI and Machine Learning solutions to deliver domain solutions that address specific customer needs and challenges.

A solution appreciated by Polish and international customers


Emplobot helps DPD to recruit employees for such positions as couriers, warehouse workers and carriers. In particular, it supports processes with high seasonal staff turnover.


Emplobot supports recruitment in all departments, from simple manual positions (production, warehouse) to highly qualified specialists in technological, managerial and administrative departments.


We have implemented Emplobot as a support in the recruitment of Advisors and Team Managers throughout Poland, thus creating an additional channel to reach passive candidates, i.e. in the social media.


At ING, Emplobot creates a modern channel to reach the greatest talents in the area of finance, as well as provides support in recruitment for specialist positions in IT departments.

Effective solutions for business

We are committed to our customers' satisfaction, ensuring that our virtual assistants are efficient and effective while remaining highly flexible. As a result, we implement numerous original projects in the SaaS and/or on-premise model in response to the unusual, individual needs of commercial customers.

Making automation a reality

Our company makes automation friendly and convenient for everyone by combining the potential of AI with the usability of RPA systems. We support customers in carrying out complex tasks through integration with their internal systems. This is done by chatting to them in a chat window on any messaging service, e.g. MS Teams, Messenger, Slack, mobile or web app.

Saving your employees time and energy

We support the development of our customers' businesses by ensuring that the potential of their employees is used appropriately. The completion of simple, repetitive and tedious tasks by chatbots saves companies many hours each day and increases employee efficiency by giving them space for interesting and creative tasks.

On hand we have ready-made, tested and trained chatbots

Implementing off-the-shelf SaaS solutions allows you to quickly automate processes at low cost and with minimal risk. Many Polish and international companies use the ready-made chatbots from Emplocity, appreciating them for their usability, convenience, efficiency and friendly interface.

We cooperate with universities and conduct R&D projects

We are developing our technology through partnerships with universities and commercial customers across a range of industries. Our research and development projects focus, among other things, on the development of a recommendation engine, NLP algorithms, machine learning or building knowledge bases, and the solutions developed increase the effectiveness of our tools.

Would you like to find out more about our products?

Are you interested in our technological solutions?

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

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