Efficient internal communication translates into productivity and employee satisfaction.

We comprehensively support internal communication departments.

It's help for your employees - available 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Nearly 80% of employee questions are repetitive in nature. Answering them absorbs your team's time and reduces its productivity. That's why we created a chatbot that intelligently automates internal communication within the company. Thanks to artificial intelligence and integration with internal databases, our chatbot is able to respond in a correct, comprehensive manner and thus maintain a high level of employee satisfaction.

It works! An intelligent chatbot helps with internal communication because:

  • supports onboarding processes
  • supports outgoing communication
  • understands natural language
  • involves your employees
  • analyses communication trends
  • integrates with enterprise systems
  • solves problems in real time
  • uses various knowledge bases

What areas of internal communication can be easily automated?


(ICO) Human Resources

  • FAQ
  • internal recruitment
  • onboarding
  • surveys


  • overnight stays booking
  • general company information
  • business trip settlement
  • room availability


  • sales results
  • customer data
  • statistics
  • appointment calendar

Personnel and payroll

  • leaves
  • remuneration
  • labour law
  • circulation of documents

Helpdesk IT

  • failures
  • equipment order
  • access to systems
  • password issues

Your custom area

  • Create a tailored solution in the form of an intelligent chatbot to support internal communication.

The chatbot is able to respond to employees questions based on a predefined Knowledge Base - based on materials, instructions, sets of popular issues.


Integrate the chatbot with your company's internal systems,

to give employees highly personalised responses. Possible synchronisations: HRMS, HRIS, LMS, HCM, CRM, ERP, calendar, intranet.


Based on an intelligent planner, the chatbot performs the actions defined by the employee.

It provides circulation of documents, records notes, books rooms, all by chatting in the chat window.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, the chatbot detects questions that go beyond the known body of knowledge.

It allows such questions to be raised with the administrator and then suggests answers based on instructions, materials or popular issues.

Want to quickly implement automation in your internal communication?

For more standard implementations we have a ready-made product - Intrabot.

Automate repetitive tasks in internal communication.


Define a measurable goal.

The effective operation of a chatbot depends on good planning and the preparation of a sufficient number of small, measurable goals. This will enable artificial intelligence to learn efficiently.


Create conversation scenarios.

Thanks to the structural blocks we have prepared, you will be able to build chatbot scenarios quickly and efficiently. You will use trained databases or create your own.


Run, measure and optimise.

Share a chatbot with your employees and forget about replying to repetitive emails. Analyse communication trends and spot topics worth spending more time on!

Are you interested in using an intelligent chatbot in other fields?

Choose a solution for:

or create a different domain bot!

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

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