An intelligent recruitment chatbot is an ideal support for the HR department and a tool for modern Employer Branding.

We comprehensively support recruitment and employer branding departments.

It is helpful for candidates - available anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The synergy of human empathy with artificial intelligence is a response to the ever-changing labour market. The Emplocity platform gives you the opportunity to create your own chatbot which, constantly trained on your data, will practically unattended increase the scope of its competence. Sound interesting?

How can a chatbot help with your recruitment process?

  • supports the sourcing of candidates
  • recognises categories of questions and problems
  • understands natural language
  • measures satisfaction levels (NPS)
  • is available 24/7
  • integrates with popular ATS systems
  • works in real time
  • supports multiple simultaneous recruitments

Find out how a chatbot improves the work of your HR team.


Automation and support of candidate sourcing.

Source matched candidates from a variety of sources using artificial intelligence and information gathered from chatbot conversations.


Instant preselection of applications and matching of candidates.

Let the chatbot analyse candidate profiles and match them to your recruitment efforts. Build your CV database in accordance with the GDPR.


Answering frequently asked questions from prospective candidates.

Earn up to 75 hours per month by using the Q&A module built into our chatbot and trained on your base.

Looking to quickly implement automation in HR?

Meet our ready-made, customer-loved product - Emplobot.

Automate repetitive tasks in recruitment processes.

Use a chatbot based on the Emplocity Platform.


Define a measurable goal.

The effective operation of a chatbot depends on good planning and the preparation of a sufficient number of small, measurable goals. This will enable artificial intelligence to learn efficiently.


Create conversation scenarios.

Thanks to the structural blocks we have prepared, you will be able to build chatbot scenarios quickly and efficiently. You will use trained databases or create your own.


Run, measure and optimise.

Add the chatbot to its destination. Whether it's a landing page, an entire website or a selected tab- you have popular solutions that we integrate with.

Are you interested in using an intelligent chatbot in other fields?

Choose a solution for:

or create a different domain bot!

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

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