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Emplocity Platform

The Emplocity Platform is proprietary software that allows companies to create domain bots which easily automate repetitive business processes, increase employees’ efficiency, as well as save time and money.

The bots built on the basis of the platform use NLP as well as AI and ML algorithms, thanks to which they can understand the statements provided by users in a natural way - in the form of a chat via instant messenger or dedicated web/mobile application. They consist of built-in action blocks and knowledge base sets, ensuring easy and quick deployment of intelligent automation in the company.

Our solutions

Solution for HR and Employer Branding

Support the recruitment process and preselection of candidates with the use of an intelligent chatbot, saving recruiters’ energy and time. Respond to candidates’ frequently asked questions, carry out an initial recruitment interview and collect applications.

Recruit while saving even 37% of work time

Solution for internal communication

Improve internal communication thanks to a chatbot integrated with your systems and company communication platforms. Automate the flow of information in the company by limiting the pool of inquiries sent to co-workers.

Respond automatically to your employees’ repetitive questions

Solution for sales and marketing

Turn website visitors into customers! Using a chatbot you can greet your clients, collect their contact details, present an offer, arrange meetings, increasing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing department

Generate sales by using an intelligent chatbot

Solution for customer service

Guarantee your customers the highest level of customer service. The chatbot will answer correctly on average 82% of questions, in just 3 seconds, while 24/7 availability will make your clients feel comfortable and satisfied with the cooperation.

Improve the quality and 24/7 availability of customer service

Are you interested in automating other business areas?

We treat the needs of each company on an individual basis.

They have already implemented our solutions:


Emplobot helps DPD to recruit employees for such positions as couriers, warehouse workers and carriers. In particular, it supports processes with high seasonal staff turnover.


Emplobot supports recruitment in all departments, from simple manual positions (production, warehouse) to highly qualified specialists in technological, managerial and administrative departments.


We have implemented Emplobot as a support in the recruitment of Advisors and Team Managers throughout Poland, thus creating an additional channel to reach passive candidates, i.e. in the social media.


At ING, Emplobot creates a modern channel to reach the greatest talents in the area of finance, as well as provides support in recruitment for specialist positions in IT departments.

The potential in combining automation and conversational artificial intelligence.


More than half of customers are more likely to send a chat message to a company than to call or email it.


This many questions and tasks will be handled correctly by a chatbot without human support.


Companies confirm faster resolution of cases after implementing a chatbot.


Repetitive tasks can be automated to relieve the burden on employees and allow them to focus on activities with greater added value for the company.


A ratio indicating the potential for the use of automation in data collection and processing - activities most commonly performed in administrative, clerical and process support occupations.


Average revenue growth for companies combining robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI), compared to 3% growth when implementing RPA alone.

Use technology to build your advantage.

Our solutions are fully original. We carry out research and development projects.

Increase work efficiency by automating selected processes.

An autonomous artificial intelligence behaviour planner (AI Planner) enables specific actions to be performed 24/7 with no or minimal human involvement. It provides answers, obtains information, plans tasks and optimises its actions in such a way as to ensure that the user's objective is met.

Ensure convenience and user experience with the Virtual Assistant functionality.

The original conversation engine understands and processes natural language (NLP), recognises users' intentions and communicates with them within a convenient and intuitive conversational interface. The chatbot works as a dedicated web/mobile application or in a third-party communicator (e.g. Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Ms Teams).

Enhance your chatbot's capabilities through integration with your company's systems.

We help to integrate the solutions developed by us with the systems operating in the company, analytical tools, mailing systems, Google tools - practically with every system that shares its API. This allows different processes to be managed from a single, convenient tool - a chatbot.

Don't worry about the complexity of processes - artificial intelligence will help you with that.

Our solutions are equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. They use the latest developments in Deep Neural Networks. This allows the analysis and processing of large data sets (including unstructured data) and enables even complex automation processes.

Build your own automation based on Emplocity Platform solutions.

We have created a platform that enables companies to create domain bots and implement process automation across different areas and industries, without the need for lengthy implementations. These solutions are based on understanding user statements, recognising intentions, exchanging knowledge and performing automated actions.

You can integrate the Emplocity platform with such solutions as
Google Actions
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

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Over 30 specialists involved in product development and R&D.

Emplocity is a team of talented professionals, software engineers, analysts and testers with strong academic and professional experience in data science, machine learning and Natural Language Processing.


PhD or higher


in the fields of ML, NLP, AI


value of R&D projects

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